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Bragdy Nant Cyf
12 arviota
Bragdy Nant Cyf

Onko tämä sinun panimo?
Rekisteröi panimosi ilmaiseksi ja hallitse panimosi tietoja Pint Pleasessa.
Rekisteröi panimo


Post author: Cufty S
Cufty S
@ Portmerion
1 year ago
A lovely dark stout with a nice chocolate taste. Triple filtered for a clean crisp taste.

Post author: Jacob R
Jacob R
@ Spar Llanrwst
3 years ago
Ok Porter, coffee taste very prevalent. Not much of a head and a bitter aftertaste.

Post author: David W
David W
6 years ago
A very enjoyable light session ale. Very drinkable

Post author: David W
David W
6 years ago
I’m not a lover of fruity beer, but despite its description it’s not too floral. It’s a bit nondescript, but not in a bad way, more a session ale.

Post author: Miguel F
Miguel F
@ Llestri Pottery
6 years ago
Light Ale with a strong and long taste of flours. It is definitely not my type of beer.