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Founded in 2015, UBrew (which, as the name suggests, allows customers to make their own beer) has found a ready audience in hop-hungry Bermondsey. Situated in the heart of that district's thriving beer community, there are regular courses, a taproom (for those who prefer the product to the process) and events every now and then too. The brewery has an enthusiastic social media presence and offers support for those who choose to brew for pleasure or just for fun.

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Post author: Ian D
Ian D
5 years ago
Well I didn’t get any grapefruit or oatmeal but the lactose does make it a bit sour. Bit underwhelming to be honest.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Ubrew
5 years ago
Clear, deep golden beer fills the glass from keg. Emerges a mere dense, white, velvety lace ring on top, basically no head at all. The scent is somewhat strongly bready, a tad biscuity and rather malty. The thin palate displays reasonable malt, a wee bit of oat bread and some bitter biscuit. The body is scanty. The beer finishes quite short with bitter pale malt, strong bread and light-grainy hint. The mouthfeel is watery, light and fresh, although also rather homebrewish. Overall, this is a decent very low alcohol (ABV = 0.5 %) beer.

Post author: Digweed For Victory
Digweed For Victory
5 years ago
A ginger beer that actually tastes like beer. Very easy to drink.

Post author: Dan W
Dan W
5 years ago
Really not to my taste and I normally like a stout.

Post author: Daniel A
Daniel A
5 years ago