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Grafton Brewing Co.
52 ratings
Grafton Brewing Co.

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Post author: Mark H
Mark H
@ The Roebuck Inn
4 months ago
Very fruity, with the apricot being very overpowering. Overall it is a very sweet ale, and not one that I'm enjoying. This has got to be one of my lowest marks

Post author: Bowling
@ Cricketers
2 years ago
Pours a dark brown colour with a white frothy head Notes of roasted toffee caramel and sweet malt

Post author: Sam R
Sam R
2 years ago
Really smooth and more depth of flavours than some other ambers. Safe

Post author: Andy T
Andy T
@ Jubilee Oak
3 years ago

Post author: Shep
@ Goodman's Field
3 years ago

Post author: af42
3 years ago
Pretty good. Intriguing aroma. Has a lingering taste with a nice sweetness to it. Lovely stout. Would prefer a nicer head but you can't win them all, can you? Recommended.

Post author: David M
David M
3 years ago
This beer is simply stunning amazing flavours in my opinion faultless but there is something that really annoys me about it I have tried this in a wetherspoons was the only beer I drank the whole night 4 or 5 pints of this before going home from work and and havent been able to get my hands on it since please grafton get this in stores so I can buy it