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Laughing Monk Brewing
6 betyg
Laughing Monk Brewing
United States

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Joinery
4 years ago
Translucent, copper beer with lazy but long-bubbling carbonation unleashes a cloud-white, velvety head that reaches one finger. The head descends slowly to a neat lace ring circling the top. Only a few tiny splashes are left behind. The fragrance offers relatively dominant, sweetish malt, accompanied a tiny injection of dried apricot and very distant raisin. The gustatory experience includes strong medium-sweet malt with a recognizeable boozy tang and faint raisin. The body is medium-full. The beer finishes with tangy sweet malt and bitter biscuit. The booziness fades away gradually. The aftertaste rolls on tongue over medium to long duration. The mouthfeel is rather strong, somewhat boozy, slightly chemical and pungent.