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Dust Bowl Brewing Company
16 ratings
Dust Bowl Brewing Company
United States

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Post author: Sanna
7 months ago
Kirsikka peittää sitruunan ja limen eikä se tässä tapauksessa ollut hyvä asia (joskus on).

Post author: RichardJRosas
11 months ago
Good light beer a hoppy taste but okay

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
2 years ago
I’m definitely not the biggest fan of milkshake IPA’s. I’ve had good ones but most lean towards the other way. This one is in the middle. Has an orange with sour pineapple taste. Has that milkshake smoothness but the sour side kind of ruins it.

Post author: Markus V
Markus V
4 years ago
Vaikka ihan basic olut onkin, täytti tarkoituksen; jano lähti. Vaikka ei olekkaan makunautinto

Post author: Hundredproofeb
4 years ago
Straight hops...I know it’s an IPA so I get it. But Hops of Wrath is aptly named. It hops all up in your face and then trails off leaving you bitter on the tongue. Super Hard Pass on this one. (BBC) Brewed, Bottled, & Cursed indeed.

Post author: Lloyd L
Lloyd L
4 years ago

Post author: Matt P
Matt P
4 years ago
Not as harsh as some baltic porters i have had so thats good. Nice roasted chocolate aroma and pretty good flavor. Enjoying my new 99 cent Southern Tier glass from goodwill.