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Beachwood Blendery
8 ratings
Beachwood Blendery
United States

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
11 months ago
This sounds interesting: "Ale fermented and aged in oak barrels with Zinfandel grapes, a beer inspired by the Belgian lambic tradition", says the label. The beer pours semicloudy, deep ruby. Long-suppressed carbonation gets free and releases a frothy, off-white, faintly pink lacing that falls short of half a finger. The hat shrinks quickly but doesn't go entirely absent. The scent is awesome! I spot hefty, funky wild-yeast induced aromas of leather and barnyard. Red wine barrel with an oaky twist enters the scene right thereafter. Heavily fermented light-purple grape, a bit of sour apple and a hint of cranberry seal the olfactory cocktail. 💜💜 The funkiness is really overwhelming in the fragrance! The tongue can't wait its turn. And it doesn't have to wait any longer since the turn is now! I receive intensively tart, sour purple grape, distinct farmhousey elements of wild yeast, less aggressive barnyard and a distant but recognizable leathery vibe. The vinous sector is really narrow and is represented more by its oak barrel foundation. The funky sphere is first moderate but develops beautifully bigger over the course of the sipping. The fruits do include also apple, cranberry, perhaps also a whisper of raw rhubarb. Complexity is adequate as this evolves nicely in the mouth. 💜💜💜 The body is medium-full. The finish gears around Sour Ale flavors, especially purple grape, apple and wheat malt, and ignores the funkier Lambicky components at this stage altogether. The aftertaste draws retro flowers for a really long time. The mouthfeel is medium-full, gorgeously funky, more Belgiany than many authentic Lambics and merely slightly vinous. It's barrel aged, massively tart, puckering and zippy. Furthermore, the mouthfeel is rich and relatively complex but also modestly raw, despite the vintage. Almost perfect. Very close. Cellaring would apparently buff out unnecessary rawness and reveal a more elegant product with a full fiver. #summerbeer22

Post author: Maxime K
Maxime K
4 years ago