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Fallen Angel Brewery (Broxbourne)
13 arviota
Fallen Angel Brewery (Broxbourne)

Previously known as Broxbourne Brewery. Name changed in 2015.

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Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Beers of Europe Warehouse
4 years ago
Smooth, easy drinking, pale golden ale. Nice beer for a hot day.

Post author: zed
4 years ago
Disappointing, might have been an off bottle, but could not drink it. Will give it another go and will buy a new bottle on my next visit to the Beers of Europe Warehouse.

Post author: FilthyMcNasty
4 years ago
Unfortunately couldn't try this, no best before date on the bottle? I opened it up and it continuously foamed from the bottle like a rabid dog! 🐕 I poured it into the glass and it had large bits of sediment which floated around in the glass, it had a stouty aroma but had a funky warning smell to it! I wasn't going to chance a bad belly so as much as it pained me it went down the sink! So no tasty for me, however I thought I'd review it and share my experience!

Post author: Gelfling666
@ Tesco Hardwick
5 years ago
Naga chilli oatmeal stout.. Not hot enough to be any kind of heat challenge.. The beer itself.. is truly awful... Almost sour.. couldnt finish it

Post author: Hometown_Unicorn
5 years ago
They got so excited that they could, but didn't stop to think if they should...

Post author: BeerFarts
6 years ago
Was expecting a nice beer with a bit of heat but it's like fizzy vinegar.