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Dundee Brewing Company (North American Breweries)
19 Bewertungen
Dundee Brewing Company (North American Breweries)
Rochester, United States

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Post author: allyschin
9 months ago
Definitely a summer drink, expected a bit more lemon.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
1 year ago
In a mood to use a chalice for my beers today. Schlitz, my go-to beer in the '70s. Where did they go? Can't believe this is a brown ale, nothing Brown about its color. A light golden clear beer. Never had a brown ale this light. Aroma is roasty with notes of malt. Didn't expect that. Flavor is still too mild and watery for a brown ale. Flavor is bread with lots of a clover honey for sweetness. Very smooth finish with only a trace of bitterness at the end. Effervescence quality continues from first to last. If this had been categorized as a golden ale, I would have probably given it a good review. As a brown ale, not so much. But I did like the beer so I'm not going to knock it down too much.

Post author: Folknasty
2 years ago
Lightly sweet but won’t leave you reaching for the Tylenol the next day.

Post author: When In Rome
When In Rome
3 years ago
Little bit sweet but good flavor. Bought as a single, think I'll grab a six and try different temps.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
3 years ago
I thought I’d be finishing my dark beer Sunday with a true brown ale. As you can see this is not dark. (The dresser holding the Tv makes it look darker - it is truly golden in color). This beer caught me in a couple ways. For the review, it has light honey but kind of blah and watery. Just an okay beer The other way this got me was I thought it was a new beer (for me). It lists Genesee Brewing Co on the can. It seems that Dundee Brewing Co and Genesee are one in the same. What I thought was a new beer is a reissue. What’s funny is what wasn’t all the good back then, still isn’t now. It really doesn’t warrant a reissue. The good of this one is it only cost me $2 to get duped.

Post author: RichardJRosas
3 years ago
Beer has a sweet taste, light but okay beer

Post author: Sirdubby
4 years ago
Christmas in July Day 20 I have no sense of smell at this time, so I'll skip the aroma. Taste has a decent amount of sweetness and a definite honey flavor. From what I can tell, this beer is pretty good, but I may have to revisit this once I get my sense of smell back. I'm probably going to stop my Christmas in July lagers until I'm back to my old self and healthy. 3.5/5