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Beavertown Brewery
8422 ratings
Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown is modern London’s iconic brewery. What it has achieved in a few short years is impressive: two iconic brands (Gamma Ray and Neck Oil), a huge, internationally famous annual festival, a growing range of experimental beers, the ability to lure hundreds of drinkers out to a nondescript Tottenham industrial estate every weekend. Logan Plant started it, but this has clearly been a team effort. The fact that credible rumours about a buyout refuse to go away serve as testament to Beavertown’s success.

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Post author: peitsoj
@ Friend at Hand
8 hours ago
Kevyen kepeä kesä IPA. Tasapainoinen ja raikas.

Post author: Mika V
Mika V
@ Friend at Hand
9 hours ago
Raikas ja todella hedelmäinen kokonaisuus

Post author: Jon®
@ Tighnabruaich Hotel
3 days ago
No Chance 🤢 Smells like a sportsman’s sweaty neck on a night out. Perfume overwhelming and taste of shit on a stick My God . . . Why was this ever made ????

Post author: _scrase
@ On The Rocks
3 days ago

Post author: Guttercat
3 days ago
Ok, it’s not as good as draught, but needs must an’ all that 😉