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Upham Brewery
60 ratings
Upham Brewery

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Post author: Sir Talbot Buxomley
Sir Talbot Buxomley
@ The Goat
3 years ago

Post author: Mick Downs
Mick Downs
4 years ago
Nothing special. Don't really know what kind of beer this is supposed to be. There seems to be a slight fizziness to it and a tiny hint of a stout-ish flavour; which is sort of suggested by its dark colour. I'll still drink it though.

Post author: Paul A
Paul A
4 years ago
Nice light golden ale

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
4 years ago
It pours gold in colour with a white head. Aroma has hints of malts and citrus. Flavour has hints of the same but it's very subtle, with a bitter finish.

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
@ The Weighbridge Brewhouse
4 years ago
Wow, this is one tasty craft lager! A bold flavoured, hugely aromatic crisp beer with a refreshing wholesome finish, accompanied by a mild fruit overtone. Would recommend this to fans of craft beer!

Post author: IagoisTrouble
4 years ago
Ok hoppy craft beer

Post author: Adam P
Adam P
4 years ago
Good darker beer would drink again

Post author: Bearded C
Bearded C
@ The Black Jug
4 years ago
Great pint. Cheers!