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Indie Rabble Brewing Company
5 ratings
Indie Rabble Brewing Company
United Kingdom

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Post author: James Š
James Š
@ A Hoppy Place
12 days ago
I was really looking forward to this as this new brewery’s pales/IPAs are supposed to be top line. Sadly this beer has suffered from oxidation, probably during packaging. Lots of undesirable wet cardboard flavour overpowering anything else. Sweet stone fruits flavours are the only thing I can pick out but it’s not nice, there’s no balance with anything else. It give a hint of faded hop character as there’s nothing on aroma either. This beer offered so much but failed to deliver, which is a shame as their stout was spot on. I’ll try again another time, this must have been a one off duff can .

Post author: TmOoMt
13 days ago
Tastes very strong, perhaps a bit overpowering

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ A Hoppy Place
14 days ago
Really smooth and mellow. Roasted malts give a slight astringency but apart from that it’s full of chocolate notes. Dark and slightly sweet, to be precise. Very enjoyable