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Post author: Mauro
2 months ago
Ottima birra ai lamponi senza il sapore stucchevole di questi ultimi. Colore rosé meraviglioso

Post author: Fred D
Fred D
@ Drink peiffer
2 months ago

Post author: Mauro
4 months ago
Strizza l'occhio alle stout questa dark belga, ma è più saporita. Il caffè la fa da padrone e il gusto che ne deriva è... musica!

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Hop Hooligans Taproom
1 year ago
One for the road. Murky, very deep dark brown beer, more or less black actually. Carbonation is relatively oppressed. Still, a seductive moussy cappuccino-colored head reaches one finger. Astonishingly long retention anyway. A beautiful billowy lacing wafts long on the top. Nice Christmassy scent: tonka and cinnamon. Cinnamon and tonka. Milk chocolate, sweet dough, vanilla display themselves in the scent. Christmas indeed in the middle of the summer. Just the presents remain ungiven. Where's Santa Claus? The taste identity is equally Christmassy. I find cinnamon and vanilla which combination equals tonka. I can also pick milk chocolate, cacao nibs, sweet dark dough and brown sugar that is actually quite hefty on the tongue. Spiced like tonka proposes. Nice but a bit too all over the place. Maybe? The body is medium-full. Okay, not as big as I anticipate. Or hoped. It's there anyway. The end is more spiced, that is more cinnamon-dominated than upfront and probably less sweet chocolatey and stuff. Reasonably palatable but the body is the weakest link. I think. The mouthfeel is medium-full, lip-glueing at maximum, spiced and Christmassy like I suggest above. Desserty, as well. Still fairly unchallenging despite tonka.