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Post author: Hamster09
@ La TapRoom
9 days ago

Post author: Dylan M
Dylan M
10 days ago

Post author: Christopher O
Christopher O
2 months ago

Post author: Binchologue
3 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ La Jonquille
8 months ago
Geneva 🇨🇭 My regular visit Au Coin Mousse has been closed permanently. It's a big loss for Geneva's beer scene. But like the old saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens. There's a new craft beer watering hole in the city, called La Jonquille. And here I am! 🍺 30 taps, all of them are Swiss, at least today. And almost all from the Geneva Region. What is even better is that this place has flights of 4 x 1 dl. Eeeexcellent!!! Flight 1/4 is a Mead. The bartender adviced me to start with it, so I will do. Colors translucent, pale yellow. A neat lace ring wafts on the top after some time. Pineapple reaches my nose first. Faint honey escorts the pineapple, then a suggestion of elderflower follows behind. The taste is alcoholic although not disturbingly. Furthermore, I pick elderflower juice, faint green tea (whaaat?), a whisper of honey and birch sap. Is there also raw pineapple peel? This is something! Not necessarily positive though. The finish reduces the alcoholic touch — surprisingly — but performs otherwise like before. The mouthfeel is unexpectedly light, a tad alcoholic, floral and juicy. Not really what I expect of a Mead but it is what it is. Not bad for sure.

Post author: Wil N
Wil N
@ Tom Beers
9 months ago