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Kelterei Müller
1 ratings
Kelterei Müller

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Post author: AtomicDucks
@ The Duck and Rocket
28 days ago
1l brown glass; pours a bright clear golden, petillant, slight white head when pouring, but disappears quickly; on the nose sweet and aromatic, reminding of fresh ripe apples and apple skins in the sunshine, clean, yet complex, hints of fresh green melon, delicate and floral, but enough "oomph" through its boldness; in the mouth gentle, full of fresh and fruity apples, zingy acidity underlines overall rounded fruitiness, very easy drinking, refreshing and satisfying, supplies fruity apples, fresh acidity and hints of summer days in a wild lover meadow; medium to full bodied, gorgeous green apple notes in the aftertaste, which lingers, finish is quick; overall an Apfelwein which is satisfying and thirst quenching, whilst providing great acidity though lemon and green apple aromas, and complex layered flavours which mimic the aromas – recommended!