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Wolf Brewing
12 ratings
Wolf Brewing

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Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
5 months ago
Pours a handsom copper/amber. Started clear but took a slight chill haze that faded as I progressed. Standard and typical head, white foamy, sits down but doesn't tuck the chair in. The aromas are so tantalizing that it's hard not to just dive right in. I already know Im going to like this. Rich creamy caramel notes teasing a sweetness, nuttiness, and an equal suggestion of roast malt and fruitiness, but very subtle. Oh, lovely! My tongue is awash with a beautifully balanced beer. There is a wonderful hop presence that delivers all the aromatic notes perfectly to the palette. All it promised is present and executed deftly. As it warms, a gentle herbal taste comes forward and pushes the caramel down but plays well with the nutty flavor. Well done, Wolf. Delightful.

Post author: TheBunker69
4 years ago

Post author: Mr. T
Mr. T
@ Wolf Brewing Company
6 years ago