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Persephone Brewing
29 ratings
Persephone Brewing

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Post author: Jocelyn D
Jocelyn D
7 months ago
Nez léger l, broue généreuse et constante, couleur orange foncé et limpide, goût délicat avec une note de bananes.

Post author: Luis D
Luis D
9 months ago

Post author: Ryan G
Ryan G
3 years ago
Pretty basic stout falls flat and has a promising note and a flat finish. Not a bad beer but not one I’ll reach for again

Post author: Jocelyn D
Jocelyn D
3 years ago
Nez café, brou discrète, couleur noir très opac avec un goût délicat légèrement crémeuse...

Post author: Mihebert
@ BC Liquor Stores
4 years ago
Good golden ale for a hot day on the sailboat

Post author: Stefan
5 years ago
Caramel and oak notes. Aroma of a dark Lager that aged a little. A little bit of wood in the taste as specified, good bitterness that could have a smokey flavour. Not a session beer in my opinion ennen though it is a good example of a well prepared Bock beer.