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Pacific Western Brewing Company
18 arviota
Pacific Western Brewing Company

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Post author: Mtiki90
3 years ago
Taitaa olla old milwaukee erilaisella etiketillä.. ihan jees janojuoma työpäivän jälkeen

Post author: Jocelyn D
Jocelyn D
4 years ago
Très bonne lager avec un petit goût sucré...

Post author: Jimgoya
4 years ago
Very strong beer. Likely the last one I will drink

Post author: Deeandjosh
@ BC Liquor Stores
4 years ago
Light Pilsner that definitely does the job. Cheap and cheerful too!

Post author: Thibault S
Thibault S
5 years ago

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
6 years ago
Organic lager. Very attractive golden lager with little to no head. Aromas of grainy pale malt and lightly skunky. As some may know, I like a little skunkiness in a beer now and then so I have some good Hope's for this beer. Mouth feel is thin and light. Clean and gently crisp. Thenskunky taste is very small and the whole thing is more of restrained malt forward beer. It's not bad but lacking in all departments. A bit watery. Reminiscent of mass produced lagers but better quality.