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Gladstone Brewing
7 ratings
Gladstone Brewing

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Post author: Antonio J
Antonio J
4 years ago

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
5 years ago
Yep another new to me pilsner. It is a very showy attractive beer, pouring a rich golden color. The carbonation looks great but the head is not worth mentioning. Very promising aroma, displaying exactly what I believe a pilsner should. Pale malt, not too grainy, with generous spicy, gently floral nobel hops. The taste is very nice. Crisp, clean, refreshing, slightly bitter but only the way it's supposed to be. The malt does offer a bit of graininess to the tongue and a very mild sweetness that is easily balanced by the hops. The hops are perfect. A bit peppery, a bit floral. Nice depth for a pilsner. Way up there on my favourites list.