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UFO Beer Company
168 ratings
UFO Beer Company
United States

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Post author: Jouku69
@ Beer Republic | Bangkok
15 days ago
Makeahko appelsiininen vehnis tuntuma, kuivahko, runko keskivahva, hyvän säväyksen tekee citrus tähän, kesäinen, oiva uusi tuttavuus...

Post author: Mano 63
Mano 63
1 month ago
Hyvä hedelmäinen vehnäolut

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
9 months ago
Enjoying this Saturday afternoon after watching Alabama🐘 basketball 🏀win. Maybe it's our year. 🏆 Frothy and thick off yellow head, oranges yellow color and very hazy. Tropical citrus fruit aroma. Very thin and light texture. Flavor is on the mild side, I would have preferred a little more punch to it. Flavor brings mild guava along with a lemon peel bitterness. Finish quickly drifts off with only a hint of lemon to remain. This is a light and a very refreshing beer. Best enjoyed in warm weather outdoors as a replacement for lemonade. It's 5.8% is a little stronger than a normal beer but totally hidden. Wish the guava had been more upfront.

Post author: UC08
@ Chevron
11 months ago

Post author: The Andtagonist
The Andtagonist
@ Bottled Up at The Market
1 year ago
Peach is hard to pull off, and they do an OK job of it. The beer itself Is refreshing, but the flavor comes off artificial.