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Barkerville Brewing Company
24 ratings
Barkerville Brewing Company

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Post author: Stephen D
Stephen D
4 years ago
There wasn't a category for Winter Ales, so I chose Brown Ale for the category, though it is much darker than a standard Brown. It's a nice dark ale that has some really nice ginger bitterness. It's great when you want something between an ale and a stout.

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
6 years ago
In preparation for an upcoming hefeweizen I'm going to brew, I have been drinking wheat beers this week. Mist are ones I've had already, but here is a new one. A lovely dark copper coloured beer that builds a decent frothy head upon pouring but loses it quickly. It really is a very attractive looking Dunkelweizen. Aromas, though not strong, include the wonderful wheat scent, an excellent phenol spiciness that whispers of cloves and pepper, a very gentle suggestion of fruitiness that has a ghost of banana haunting it, and a mild caramel that says stop sniffing this thing and get to drinking it. The first thing I notice on the tongue is a slight tart dryness and caramel malt that brings the wheat and yeastyness to attention. Just behind that, and accentuated by it, comes the clove and spice but it only lingers long enough to allow the banana and a tease of fruit to appear. The tartness and caramel are present through the mouthfull and mixed with the phenols make up a delicious aftertaste. It's not quite amazing but it definitely catches my attention.