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Symbol Brewing Company
3 ratings
Symbol Brewing Company
United States

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Post author: RichardJRosas
7 months ago
Beer and cake does not make a tasty beer but it was a good try

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
9 months ago
B a Texas beer I picked out at HEB to share with my son-in-law on Duo. Sounds fantastic and looking forward to trying it. Aroma is sweet, maybe cake batter. Color is a clear reddish orange. Not what you would expect for a red velvet cake. Low head that disappears. Texture is super soft and velvety. High marks for that. First taste delivers a white cake, like a children's birthday cake. Add some fruity notes, a mixture of cherry and a little less blueberry. All of this is a refined sugary sweet. When the finish finally arrives, the briefest notes of chocolate arrive and leave, only leaving a sugary aftertaste. As hard as I try, I can't find any redeeming value in this beer. Red velvet cake should be chocolate and cream cheese forward, but it's not. None of these flavors combined in a pleasant way and I struggled to finish it.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Gordon Street Tavern
9 months ago
Post-dated from March 5th, 2022. Having lunch with family at the historic Gordon Street Tavern in Alvin Texas. Enjoying a great bacon burger and onion rings to go along with a maple bacon Stout. Served in an 8 oz snifter glass so no head. Dark brown color. Aroma reveals sweet maple and roasted malt. Heavy, thick texture but not syrupy. Immediately get a smoky sweet Maple flavor, notes of thick fried bacon 🥓. Sweet maple, the smoked bacon refuses to recede. Continues to flow through the finish. This is a well-balanced and uniquely smoked flavored stout. Seldom enjoy a bacon flavored Stout but this one did it very well.