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Blindman Brewing
11 ratings
Blindman Brewing

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Post author: Personne agréable
Personne agréable
2 years ago
Une ipa bien équilibrée… comme moi lol ?

Post author: Léandre
2 years ago
Une très bonne IPA qui a su rester classique. Mais qui coche toutes les cases du Loto

Post author: Mihebert
@ Collective
4 years ago
Very strong beer. Not for your average beer drinker.

Post author: Colin
@ Keg N Cork
5 years ago
Don't have it in front of me at the moment but this hazzy full-pallete NEIPA is my current favorite of the style. Highly recommended.

Post author: Dr. Woodchuck
Dr. Woodchuck
5 years ago
Rye saison. Labels says it's from Central City Brewers for Blind man's. Anyways, those are technicalities. I liked this. It has a touch of sweetness to it as an end note. Like you had a shot of Crown Royal before the beer but the whiskey lingered on your tongue as you changed to beer. Smoky aftertaste at the back of your throat long after you've finished. Husband said it's too sweet and taste like a beer cooler for girls. Meh, he drinks Keith's and Coors, so what does he know?

Post author: Dakota S
Dakota S
7 years ago
It's absolutely fantastic. Enjoyed ever last drop. Not as hoppy as some Session ales I have had but I'd have to say they hit the nail right on the head