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Birra Friddacala
2 ratings
Birra Friddacala

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ L'Isola dei Sapori
3 years ago
One for the road 🍺 This beer comes from Vibo Valentia, also Calabria. Very local. The beer portrays strongly hazy, deep yellow. Carbonation is not powerful but not weak either. A two-finger, bright white froth forms on top of the beer. No bubbles whatsoever, fully dense. The fragrance is fruity, as a matter of fact, citrusy but astonishingly meager. Orange peel and lemon pulp are the only elements that I'm able to recognize. The nice, fruit-juicy palate occupies every nook of the mouth. Orange zest, lemon pulp and a tad pith constitute the supply. There's solely a modest malty side to it. Having allowed a bit of time for the brew to settle after swallowing, the sensation turns hoppier and even a bit tangy. The body is light. The finish is crisper and less zesty than the actual taste, which can already be guessed from how I describe the palate. The finish dies hastily. The mouthfeel is light, juicy, a tad zesty, equally pulpy and pithy as well as modestly crisp. Not a world-class masterpiece but quite drinkable. In effect, reasonably NEPA-ish but not exactly there either — and it's not even supposed to be because this is an English Pale Ale.