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Strange Companion
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Strange Companion

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Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ Beerdome
3 years ago
New beer and a new brewery in Pint Please (that's rare). Celebrating as I'm starting a new job later this summer. UT rating for this beer is 4.4 but with just 57 ratings. Let's see. Best before: 1.3.2026 Temperature: +14 C Pours in the glass looking thick as hell. Seems almost like a Pastry Stout. The head is small and fast: 2,75/5 The nose has some mightly complexity. Damn! Plenty of Bourbon with a hefty dose of dried fruits such as plums and raisins. Some licorice root, sweet maltiness, and chocolate. This is big! 4,75/5 The mouthfeel is medium-full, creamy round with just a proper amount of al alcohol. Slow sipper and festive feeling: 4,5/5 The taste starts with a malty and residual sweetness which gets some licorice and dark fruity undertones. Bourbon flavor follows all of them close by. The taste is a bit unbalanced, but what the heck if it's so freaking powerful as this is: 12,5/15 This would most likely benefit a lot from aging. I see lots of potential for this beer. As of now, this is a big, damn tasty beer with a fantastic aroma! The aging could mellow down that sweetness in the taste and maybe turn it into something more complex. I like this a lot❤️17/20 =41,5/50