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DankHouse Brewing Company
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DankHouse Brewing Company
United States

Opening in Nov. of '17, DankHouse currently uses our 10bbl system to cultivate our visions into flavor packed beers, one small batch at a time. We specialize in IPAs, stouts, and fruited kettle sours. We were named as one of the country's top 12 new breweries of 2018 by the team at Hop Culture. DankHouse has also been featured in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine's New Brewery Spotlight. DankHouse is where the atmosphere is as dope as the beers!

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Post author: Tuomas S
Tuomas S
@ Bierloods22
4 months ago
Todella paksu ja mangoista hedelmää. Aivan pieni katkero, makeutta aika paljon.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
7 months ago
This is lactose forward that has a marshmallow taste with some pineapple. It’s sweet with a tiny bit of bitterness there. Unfortunately there is not much else. Overall is ok but when spending almost $7 for a can I should be rating it much higher and not as okay. I think the name and can sucked me in. 🙁

Post author: Ville M
Ville M
3 years ago
Räjähti saatana. Ainakin 10cm korkea geysir kun avasi tölkin.