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83 betyg
Nijmegen, Netherlands

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Post author: Weepapa
@ Venlo, Holland
7 months ago
Een fris zoete en licht kruidige Tripel. Fruitig en een beetje zuur van smaak. Beetje Troebel en mooi goudkleurig met een witte kraag.👍

Post author: kertu
9 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ OnderNulPuntVijf ONP5
10 months ago
Relatively cloudy, amber beer with posh carbonation produces a clean white, whipped-creamy head that exceeds one finger. Long retention sustains a neat lace ring on the top. Zillions of tiny downpouring traces cling to the glass. Sweet fruits dominate the olfactory profile: mango, peach and mandarin, at least. Tropical but also a bit candy-like. And again, the taste deviates from what I anticipate based on the scent. I'm not getting those mellow fruits. Instead I pick orange pulp and pith, a small injection of apricot, some lemony sighs, a hint of grass and wheat malt in the background. Nice summery breeze. The body is light. The finish is citrusy, zesty and moderately hoppier than before. Wheat malt still features at this stage. Tint windows, new music thumpin', bumpin'; the aftertaste maneuverin' through in a new somethin'; caught in the middle playin' dodgeball, dodgin' the law. The mouthfeel is light plus (!), juicy, remotely crisp, clean, refreshing and balanced. Gulpable, especially in the summer.