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Gorilla Brewing Co. (Mad Ape Beer)
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Gorilla Brewing Co. (Mad Ape Beer)

It's from Mexborough baby!

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Post author: Purple Aardvark
Purple Aardvark
@ Gorilla Brewing Co
1 year ago
Really nice smooth porter, I bought a mini keg for a BBQ and it went down a treat

Post author: Dean H
Dean H
2 years ago
Great beer , just what it says nice Vanilla after taste on the pallet nice chocolate undertone just a really nice Porter and lucky enough to live so close to the brewery I can get it on draught and even better!😃

Post author: stradivariusmonkey
3 years ago
slaked my thirst, warm, after rugby training. went down well enough but would like to try chilled

Post author: Mickl B
Mickl B
3 years ago
It's IPA shrugs shoulders

Post author: Mickl B
Mickl B
3 years ago
One of three siblings in a gift set. This is the second of three, number one was nice, number two is nice. Looking forward to the third installment!