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La Tourquennoise - Gang Beer Factory
17 ratings
La Tourquennoise - Gang Beer Factory

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Post author: Pierre V
Pierre V
@ Auchan Roncq
8 months ago
🇫🇷 bière locale bue chez Ben il y a 4 jours Bonne bière du cru. Triple classique. RAS

Post author: Gaël D
Gaël D
8 months ago

Post author: Vincent
@ Auchan Roncq
2 years ago
This lovely amber beer is called after Tourcoing, a city in the farmost north of France, along the Belgian border and the Walloon city of Moeskroen (Mouscron), which, on its turn, borders Flanders. I have never actually visited the city itself. I have visited neighbouring Rijsel (Lille) and the Flemish city of Kortrijk (Courtrai), with which it forms a European metropolitan area and I have passed it many times travelling to other destinations in France or neighbouring countries. Still I bought this beer in a Hypermarket in Tourcoing, next to the international highway E17, a stone throw from the border. The beer pours a light, yellowish amber. Initial aroma is malty sweet. The coarse, beige foam head quickly disappears. The pallet matches the aroma. A nice malty sweetness, but definitely not too sweet. A little bitterness and a touch of spice in the aftertaste, and a lingering umami on the edges of the tongue. A surprisingly nice #summerbeer22.