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Akademia Brewing Company
33 notes
Akademia Brewing Company
United States

Athens, Georgia

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
5 months ago
Got my beer buddy Ryan to have a Duo beer with me. Yay! Short break from his diet. He's done great with it. This is a beer I gave to him from Athens Georgia. Could smell the coffee and Maple from simply opening the can. Fragrance was abundant as it entered the snifter glass with a bubbling head that retained at a low level. Texture was thin while modestly soft. Roasted coffee along with maple syrup where the first flavors to appear. This was followed by its base of dark malt and traces of vanilla. The chocolate did not arrive till the finish, a sharp Baker's chocolate variety. Where is the bacon? Maybe it'll appear later. As usual, we probably start with the beer too cold. Cupping the snifter glass to warm it often helps. It did with this one. The chocolate went from the finish to the middle and became much more of a milk chocolate which was an improvement. But still no bacon. I like this beer and would gladly have another. This was a lot of flavors to pack into a porter. Still, if you're going to put bacon on the can, I better taste bacon somewhere.

Post author: Thomas
2 years ago
Lightly sweet malt notes of hay black tea and hints of honey. Hop bitterness is very forward. Hop flavor is mild notes of lemon peel. Excellent example of an APA

Post author: USER31759
3 years ago