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Kettu Beer
174 notes
Kettu Beer

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Masis Brewery
16 days ago
Cloudy, slightly dusty orange beer with fizzy carbonation raises a cloud-white soapy crown on the top. The foamy decoration swells two fingers thick and shrinks fast to a thin billowy lace ring. Some tiny traces can be spotted on the glass afterwards. Mango and orange emanate first to the nostrils. Mandarin escorts in the immediate proximity. Cantaloupe can perhaps also be detected but significantly less anyway. Wheat malt and oat flakes play a supportive role. Hopefully the fruity medley carries over to the tongue, as well. Let me see. The taste alters crisper and marginally dank even. My wish doesn't seem to come true... Grapefruit is fairly evident, so is resin. The other elements include grass, lemon and faint orange peel. If the fragrance portrayed tropical nuances, the gustatory sphere is more or less devoid of those notes. The body is light. Maybe light plus. The finish is equal to the actual taste. No change. Dog goes "woof", cat goes "meow", bird goes "tweet", mouse goes "squeek" and aftertaste goes "burb"; but there's one sound that no one knows — what does the fox say? The mouthfeel is somewhat light, crisp, zesty and pithy. It's also medium-dry and drying. I miss the tropical side though.

Post author: Willy
@ K-Citymarket Ruoholahti
22 days ago
Ihan jeppis neipa, ei valittamista.

Post author: Lauruus
@ K-Citymarket Ruoholahti
1 month ago

Post author: Jocceri
@ Masis Brewery
2 months ago
NEIPAn ytimessä ollaan joo värin ja maun puolesta mutta ei ihan mennä maaliin asti👍Hyvä juoma kuitenkin 👌😋

Post author: Laakso T
Laakso T
@ K-market Metsäkulma
8 months ago