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Lux Brewery
1 ratings
Lux Brewery

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ De BierTonne
4 years ago
Lucid, cinnamon brown beer with a visible ruby tint and laidback carbonation builds a tiny-bubbled, latte-hued head that elevates up to mere half a finger. The foamy cap disperses quickly to a hair-thin lace ring on top. The nose receives raisin, caramel, a bit of syrup and a distinct touch of prune. A faint sherry-like aroma lingers attractively in the air. The taste is neatly appealing: I'm getting powerful medium-sweet, yet slightly harsh rye malt, strong sherry barrel, a whisper of raisin and an equally tiny proposal of prune. A pinch of brown sugar, bitter syrup, brown biscuit and a caramelly note complete the gustatory supply. Furthermore, there's a slight hoppy amendment that sharpens the corners a bit. The body is medium-full to full. Medium-sweet rye malt and distantly bitter nuances of syrup and caramel continue down the road to the end. The hoppy side refuses to step to the sidelines. Raisin is evident but prune has diminished its presence. The aftertaste sends rough vibes to the tastebuds for some time. The mouthfeel is rather strong and a bit husky, yet also fairly smooth and can also portray its soft side. The beer is relatively full and satiating, a little lip-glueing but also faintly mouth-drying and crisp.