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Island Honey Wine Company
1 ratings
Island Honey Wine Company

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Post author: Mst
@ Island Honey Wine Company
4 years ago
To finish off strong my mother's birthday we choose this nice Mead from Prince Edward Island, Canada, which we brought along after our last holiday! This Mead has won the bronze medal in 2019 national wine awards and I remember how it was during the tasting experience and Island Honey Wine Company, so I was quite hyped about re-tasting it. This Mead has a gold color and very slightly carbonated. The scent is extremely strong, bringing together all the different flowers used for this Mead. The mouthfeel is very intense and round, with a wide array of variations depending on which flower takes the stage, before handing in off to another: acacia, lavender, sweet almont and more all appear and fade in a complex taste in which they blend together. Finally, the aftertaste is quite alcoholic, dry and slightly citrusy to conclude and "clean" the mouth after the intense mouthfeel. Overall it's an amazing tasting experience, with something different than usual (I'm not a very expert nor drinker of Mead), and I can see why Wildflower Mead won the bronze medal in national wine awards!