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Tainai Kogen Brewery
2 ratings
Tainai Kogen Brewery

Where do we want the beer we make to be delicious? The world's most popular alcoholic drinks are made all over the world and loved around the world. A wide variety of tastes from different countries, raw materials, and production areas. Each person has a good taste, but we want to make something that will impress those who have experienced craft beer for the first time. In other words, let's make it so that people who are nice to drink will definitely say that it is delicious. Considering the balance of habits, bitterness, alcohol content, etc. from the selection of raw materials, we aim to beer that you can drink as many cups as you like and enjoy with food. We always aim for the ideal beer that brings "impression" at a once-in-a-lifetime chance with "Japanese" of food and sake, and we are studying everyday so that we can grow a little.

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Post author: Cyberp0lice
3 years ago
An unremarkable beer that isn't difficult to drink. Lacks aroma or strong flavors, this beer is a baby step to a true IPA.