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Little Monster Brewing Co.
53 ratings
Little Monster Brewing Co.

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Post author: Charlie
@ Plau Gin and Beer House
4 months ago
Tasty hazy pale

Post author: Thibault M
Thibault M
4 months ago
Pas sucrée du tout avec un vrai goût de cassis nature. Il faut aimé, c’est clairement une bière de dégustation plus que de soif. Faut aimé le genre

Post author: Sam K
Sam K
6 months ago
Loving this influx of red beers.

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ The Hole In The Wall
11 months ago
Nice, light and fluffy. Tropical, with papaya and pineapple. Served a touch on the warm side with allowed the fruity eaters to shine through.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Bottle and Jug Department
1 year ago
I'm not huge on Little Monster brewing co, but I will always get tempted by a DIPA. This brew is pale and hazy but with visible carbonation in a pint glass, it even keeps some head after a while which is rare, could be the glass mind you. It has a big stone fruit and tropical fruit aroma featuring pineapple, peach, apricot and there is a creamy note in there along with the sense of high ABV. Soft and almost chewy in the mouth, with a wheaty savoury nature and not enough fruity hop flavour to cover the alcohol unfortunately. The creamy element and wheaty element combine to create a pleasant middle and continues through the finish whilst the fruit flavours struggle to break through but they do remain as an aftertaste. All in all this is a nice beer; soft, chewy, creamy, juicy, hoppy, wheaty and all presented in a balanced if not underwhelming fashion. Yet it gets richer as time passes, the flavour of apricot via Simcoe shines much more and wheat peaks higher in the finish. To be fair this is recognisably a DIPA, rich and deep and a pleasure to drink, especially once it's had time to breathe. Little Monster aren't exciting like my favourite brewers but whilst not bold or exquisite this is a decent beer for sure.