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B. Nektar Meadery
63 notes
B. Nektar Meadery
United States

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Post author: Lasis
@ Piwne Mosty
1 year ago
Kirkas, punertava. Tuoksu kirsikkaa. Maku omenaa, kirsikkaa ja hunajaa. Hyvä juoma.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
2 years ago
Mead time. This beauty is flavored with cherry and chipotle. And comes from Michigan. The color is relatively cloudy, garnet. Basically, no carbonation and, hence, no head. The scent offers a good amount of cherry jam, a bit of pomegranate, honey and a suggestion of chili. The taste kicks straight below the belt: enormous sweet cherry, some of it jam-like, honey and seriously warming alcohol. I wonder why, this is not more than 14 %. 😅 Chipotle is ample and smoky, I ❤️ the sensation of capsaicin. For some reason, I'm imagining also a whisper of strawberry mash in the palate. The Mead feels robust. I'm not sure if I can talk about 'body' since there's no malt here. Cherry intensifies in the finish that even loses part of its sweetness. Cherry is now much more fresh. Alcohol is present but honey goes hiding. Chipotle warms the tongue appealingly. The mouthfeel is substantially sticky, thick, mouthcoating and sappy but not unmanageable. It's certainly spicy, distantly smoky and attractively warming. Wow!! This is a banger! Nothing ordinary but adventurous. I love especially the fact that the Mead delivers chipotle when it promises to deliver chipotle. No mercy given, not that I had asked for any. 😎

Post author: Stan R
Stan R
@ Musée Vosgien de la Brasserie
3 years ago

Post author: HooDee
@ Beer Republic Web Shop
3 years ago

Post author: Aatu M
Aatu M
4 years ago