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Chain House Brewing Company Limited
14 ratings
Chain House Brewing Company Limited

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Post author: Charlie
@ Chain House Brewing
3 months ago
Really enjoyed that

Post author: Seasider
@ Chain House Brewing
10 months ago
Nice and fruity.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
1 year ago
A collab with Wander Beyond Brewing. I am unfamiliar with both these guys but was drawn in by the use of HBC 638 a nice hop breed, it's intriguing to try a hop before it has a name. This brew also contains Nelson Sauvin, itself an interesting hop. Deep amber and very hazy but has visible carbonation, with barely any head. It smells rich like a Simcoe or talus but with a bright wine like edge at the end. It also gives off it's 8% ABV on the nose. It's very soft but the alcohol heat is noticeable from the get go, quite the change from 0.5% and <4%. It's big and rich with a relatively short finish. The addition of Nelson Sauvin seems to be a small one or at least over powered by this HBC 638. It's complex but an amalgam of tastes with stone fruit and that is when the gooseberry and white grape of Nelson follows. This brew is not easy drinking and the alcohol isn't hidden but it is big on flavour with deep hoppiness. It is luscious and juicy, but it's just a big DIPA style that's not as distinctive as a Simcoe or Citra or Mosaic. That said it will be interesting to see what happens with this hop in the future; what it's named and which other hops counter balance it.