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Avery Brewing Company
1091 ratings
Avery Brewing Company
Boulder, United States

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Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ The Pub at Wegmans
18 days ago
This has an orange peel, banana, light coriander and some light spice taste. Overall an okay one but nothing special. Enjoying while the Eagles are kicking azz. Go Birds. 🦅🦅🦅

Post author: scottrussell
18 days ago
Not bad! But not very memorable.

Post author: Edgeworth
18 days ago
In Texas after a very long drive today. Already having our fourth shared beer. Texas, beer, playoff NFL football. Life is good. Clear brown color with traces of yellow on the edges. Aroma gives warm spice. Taste brings autumn spices, distinct toffee, dry, deeply roasted malt. Very rustic. Finish leaves you with a long lasting mildly bitter sensation. Close your eyes, have a sip, and you feel like you're in a mountain cabin in front of a strong blaze in the fireplace. The definition of a winter warmer.

Post author: vautere
@ Beer Republic
22 days ago
Vahvaa on, mutta kohtuu hyvä juotavuus. Alkoholi petollisen hyvin piilossa. Tykki bisse. Colorado Boulder.

Post author: Heli67
@ Visotto Buja
2 months ago

Post author: Pan
2 months ago
Como claro no tan ligero y muy buena espuma. Sabores a malta muy agradables con un buen balance y lúpulo no tan amargo. Sin duda muy buena