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Strange Brewing
71 ratings
Strange Brewing

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Post author: Linners
@ Beer52
9 months ago
The colour on that! Orange flavour hits you instantly with those slightly biscuity undertones I get from New England pale ales. A light, orangey hoppiness sees you out on the aftertaste. Sublime. Very funky artwork on the can too. Judge’s label: Elite

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
@ Beer52
10 months ago
It pours a hazy, golden colour with a frothy, white head. Aroma is of citrus and stone fruits. There are a lot of hops in this beer, which takes over the flavour, leaving a cloying bitterness in the aftertaste.

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Beer52
10 months ago
Reasonable stout. Coffee aroma and flavour. Quite creamy. Decent enough.

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Beer52
11 months ago
Fruity and tasty which I wasn’t really expecting a great little beer.