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Bison Beer
17 ratings
Bison Beer

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Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ Bison Beer Crafthouse - Brighton
2 months ago

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
11 months ago
A very pale ale that poured lively and retains some head. Sharp citrus and tangy tropical fruit in the nose, more specifically lemon peel and pineapple with plum depth. Nicely soft and quite thin in the mouth with light body and a medium long wheaty finish, which is a bit surprising. This brew is particularly light and drinkable and now I immediately recognise Nelson Sauvin. As opposed to the aromas on the nose there's now the typical white grape and gooseberry on the tongue! This also explains the finish somewhat, as Nelson leaves this dry ending. It's a nice session beer at 4%, with decent flavour for its ABV. One to gulp and not feel guilty about at all. 4% is a big deal compared to the couple of 0%'s Ives had recently! Suggesting you need some sweet sweet alcohol to have anything decent. I'm think that's not true (probably) but I've yet to have a good non alcoholic brew.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Brewhouse Project
1 year ago
Very pale colour like grapefruit juice and moderately hazy. Light and fresh on the nose with hoppiness and citrus fruit and mild pine. I haven't had the original brew so won't be able to compare with this adjusted recipe for Christmas. Nicely hoppy pale. It's thin and light in the mouth, pretty carbonated, with soft light body and medium finish. It's easy going, easy drinking and at 5% it's not a session brew. Pine is indeed mild and exists in the finish, the later in the finish the more it comes out. Prior to that you get hops and subdued citrus like grapefruit and lemon as well as stone fruit like peach. It's not sharp but is refreshing. This brew isnt very exciting but it is clean, hoppy and pleasant.

Post author: Wilson R
Wilson R
@ Arundel Brewery
1 year ago

Post author: RepsolUK
@ Gary and Laura's Bar
2 years ago
Very refreshing on a warm day

Post author: Cruicky
2 years ago
A solid American style pale ale. Smooth and hazy with a creamy mouthfeel and generous hop!

Post author: BeerbytheSea
@ Bison Beer Hove
4 years ago
A hot bank holiday Saturday, covid-19 isolating with the family. Kids are now in bed, and its time to enjoy this little number. I do like a nice hippy APA, and this, brewed at Arundel brewery for the local Bison Beer is great. It's got a strong taste so you will need to really be a fan of these type of beers, but it is the perfect antidote to these crazy times.