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Roam Brewing Co.
4 ratings
Roam Brewing Co.

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Post author: Sam A
Sam A
@ Roam Brewing Co.
3 years ago
A cracking, fresh Ipa quite hopy and very easy to drink!

Post author: Ed Stout
Ed Stout
@ The Peter Tavy Inn
3 years ago
Cloudy and gold coloured in the glass, with aromas citrus and hops. Great citrus flavour and a soft mouth feel.

Post author: orson
@ Exeter Craft Beer Festival
3 years ago
Suutuntuma matalahiilihappoinen, pehmeä ja runsas. Maussa sitrusta, mangoa, ananasta, mandariiniä ja makeutta. Ryhdikäs makupaletti. Tosi miellyttävä cask ale.