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Pyramid Breweries, Inc
16 ratings
Pyramid Breweries, Inc
United States

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Post author: Nugent
2 years ago
I generally like Heffeweissen but didn’t really think pyramid was near the top of the list. Not as smooth as most I’ve tried but overall a good brew from Seattle

Post author: Félix S
Félix S
3 years ago
Aroma intenso, pero difícil de identificar. Su color es opaco y naranja, engañosamente hace relacionarla con una fuerte amargura. Su espuma es rápida con densidad media. Es un sabor relajante y pesado al paladar. Sabores cítricos, pero no saturantes (naranja y toronja). Refrescante. Regular.

Post author: Mikkosuomi
@ Lobby Bar, MGM Grand
4 years ago
Mukavan makuinen vehnäolut

Post author: Eigo
4 years ago
Raikas vehnäolut. Mieto jälkimaku, paras kylmänä.