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Stannary Brewing Company
62 ratings
Stannary Brewing Company
Tavistock, England

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Post author: Warbury19
@ The Orchard Bar
14 days ago

Post author: Andy M
Andy M
@ Craft Beer Cave
1 year ago
Dominant flavours of Pineapple and Mango. So the flavour is great it's just a little too acidc for my tastes.

Post author: Jimbo
@ The Crafty Baa
1 year ago
Nice flavour with a gooseberry/raspberry fruit note and high carbonation

Post author: orson
@ Black Cloak Brewery & Taproom
1 year ago
Look very nice and rich. Aroma is dry, grassy and smoky. Mouthfeel is smooth, dry, rich, balanced and juicy. Taste has citrus, grass, smoke, pine, grapefruit and tropical fruits. Smooth and smoky aftertaste. I think there is a lot of El Dorado in this beer. In fine balance and overall very nice beer.

Post author: Whaddya drink of that!?
Whaddya drink of that!?
2 years ago
Nose 🐽: Mango and notes of peach Eye: rather hazy straw colour with moderate head Taste (my favourite part) : it slightly bitter and I think the majority of the beers flavour is from the hops. Which is a shame because the nose gives the impression it's going to be quite fruity but it is indeed just a pretty standard pale ale which isn't bad at all. It's actually fairly nice but I was just expecting more. It does however have a nice creamy mouthfeel to it