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Patos Beer / Back and Forward SRL
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Patos Beer / Back and Forward SRL

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Zăganu Bistro (Fabrica de Bere Bunâ) - Romanian Craft Beer Bar
5 years ago
Flight 3/4. Limpid, deep amber beer with a cream-colored, cotton head that rises up to one finger and remains on the surface throughout the entire drink. The fragrance displays strong malt, bags of Digestives and a pinch of biscuit dough. The tongue likes the massive grainy malt, bags of dry hops, a bit of spruce needles and a drop of resin. The body is light-medium. The beer ends with hefty hoppy malt and a piney twist over medium to long duration. The mouthfeel is strong, rather crisp, somewhat sharp and truly West Coast leaning old-school.