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6 Beers Brewing
7 ratings
6 Beers Brewing

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Post author: Kontu Kaataa
Kontu Kaataa
@ Känguruh pub
3 years ago
Hieman kuivanmakuinen APA. Mutta kaunis Vaahto ja ulkoasu kylläkin oli. Silti voin suositella tuotetta.

Post author: Ben B
Ben B
@ Ammutsøn Craft Beer Dive
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Ammutsøn Craft Beer Dive
3 years ago
Beer 2/4 of my self-made flight. Lucid, copper beer with a cream-colored, velvety head. The fragrance emits a distant caramelly twist that features the medium-strong malt and a bit of biscuit. The taste receptors get a decent punch of crisp hops and strong malt, accompanied by rye biscuit and a piney hint. The body is light-medium. The beer finishes with a generous punch of lemon peel, a pinch of pine needles, recognizeable dry hops and a drop of resin. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds active for long. The mouthfeel is relatively crisp, somewhat coniferous, medium-strong as well as mouth-drying.