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Twin Elephant
10 Bewertungen
Twin Elephant
United States

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Post author: Ilkka P
Ilkka P
@ Kihøskh
8 months ago
Humalainen. Tuoksussa mango-melonia. Hieman ruohoinen.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
1 year ago
This is very juicy that leans towards mango, cantaloupe, apricot with hints of papaya and has a touch of dankness to it. Has very light, almost light, bitterness. Overall a nice hazy that is quite tasty.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
2 years ago
Has a fruity taste that leans towards melon, cantaloupe and papaya. Has a light + dankness to it (it actually smells more dank than it tastes). Has a light+ bitterness. Defitely DDH. You can just tell by the taste. Overall a really enjoyable IPA. Not your normal fruit but has a great taste. It kind of explodes in taste as it warms up too.