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Saint Mars of the Desert
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Saint Mars of the Desert

Microbrewery showcasing American and Belgian style ales on the edge of Sheffield city centre. Head brewery comes with 20+ years of experience from the US craft beer scene.

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Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ Brownhills & Co - Leeds
6 months ago

Post author: Lee W
Lee W
@ Nottingham craft beer festival
9 months ago
Thought this was good, with a unique taste to identify them, like many of the other breweries do. Light, easy going and refreshing. Fruity, balanced and enjoyable sessionable beer.

Post author: Mrratch
1 year ago
Day 4 advent. A fermented IPA. Unusual taste but quite nice.

Post author: Jericho
@ Cafe Beermoth
2 years ago
This was really quite good. Lovely find. The flavour was full and enjoyable without being overwhelming.