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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Helsinki Beer Festival 2019
5 years ago
Let's go mead! Limpid, bright red mead pours thickly in the 4 cl shotglass. No carbonation, no head, of course. The scent displays strong sappy black currant nectar and a hint of fresh black currant leaves. The palate strikes like a lightning: oversweet black currant concentrate, sugared black currant jam and black currant leaves. This sweetness is colossal but I'll manage. Of course, I knew what to get. The drink finishes rather quickly. The sweetness is still hefty but it reduces to a reasonable level. The mouthfeel is heavy, substantially sappy, sticky, very thick and, interestingly, also very summery as well as gardeny. It goes without saying that the mouthfeel is also deeply lip-glueing and mouthcoating. 4 cl goes for dessert. More is too much. Whoaah.