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Tazawako beer
4 ratings
Tazawako beer

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Post author: Cyberp0lice
4 years ago
A hazy beer with strong citrus flavors. Hops come through too. Aftertaste is a little bland, but overall a good beer.

Post author: Weisshawk
5 years ago
Nosing: fermented wheat, Overpowering fermented wheat beer with strong Chinese medicinal herb flavour - xi gua shuang/ watermelon frost and hints of ginseng Overall feels like a medicinal beer , I rated it high as I find this beer really unique. Hope to try it again on a colder temperature Hkd 35

Post author: Lauri E.J. H
Lauri E.J. H
5 years ago
Sopii hyvin tähän Japanin kukkabuumiin. Pehmyt kaveri.