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East Sydney Brewing Co.
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East Sydney Brewing Co.

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ East Sydney Hotel
5 years ago
Semimisty, orange beer with vibrant, long-lasting carbonation unlocks a cream-colored, silky head that climbs up to one finger. The foamy pillow has good retention and shrinks gradually to a patchy creamy layer on the surface. Thick coverings are left on the wall of the glass. The nose receives a distant combination of grapefruit pulp, lemon zest and a small pour of orange juice. The tongue gets easily along with the fruit-juicy, faintly crisp liquid that portrays a generous punch of squeezed lemon pulp, accompanied by zesty grapefruit and distinct blood orange. The hops are light but decent and relatively fruity. The light-bodied beer ends with bitter lemon pith, a tad lemon peel and a reasonable dollop of lemon zest. Further behind, I depict the aforementioned grapefruit and blood orange but in smaller quantities than upfront. The finish is medium. The mouthfeel is light, rather juicy, light-tart and slightly crisp. It's also summery and refreshing.