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Morrison Brewery
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Morrison Brewery

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ BWS Beer Wine Spirits, Carlyle Dr.
5 years ago
Muddy, dark brown beer with moderate, rapid carbonation unlocks a timid, off-white, minuscule-bubbled head that dissolves rapidly to a hair-thin lace ring on top. The nose experiences sweet brown malt, faint molasses, brown bread, brown biscuit and light hops. I also find a distant roasty nuance. The palate offers the same elements plus a suggestion of toffee. The body is light to light-medium. The beer finishes with with slightly crisp hops, a bit of malt extract, a tad brown bread and faint bitter syrup. The mouthfeel is light, slightly homebrewish, a bit lip-glueing and faintly uninspiring.